1. Worst Excuses for Missing Work

    A new report from CareerBuilder lists the worst excuses for missing work in 2017. According to the annual survey, 40% of workers have called in sick when they weren’t, compared to 35% in 2016. Among the craziest reasons provided by employees, as reported by employers: A bear was in employee’s yard and they were afraid to come out. Employee’s phone exploded and it hurt their hand. Employee…Read More

  2. Night Shift Nurses Have Increased Risk of Cancer

    Female nurses who work frequent night shifts may be at greater risk for certain cancers, according to a new study published a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Chinese researchers compared data from 61 studies, from more than 114,000 cancer cases and more than 3.9 million participants from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. They found that long-term night work in …Read More

  3. How to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

    A large new study from the American Cancer Society inventoried risk factors for various types of cancer. The findings shed much-needed light on the numbers of cancers that could be prevented by making the necessary lifestyle changes. The new research examined a total of 1,570,975 cancer cases, 587,521 of which resulted in death. During the analysis, 17 risk factors were analyzed and identified a…Read More

  4. Why Employee Engagement is the Answer

    Better employee engagement can improve hospital performance, according to a new Advisory Board study. For the study, researchers used Advisory Board Survey Solutions data, which included responses from more than one million respondents from hundreds of hospitals. The study found that every 1 percent increase in hospital employee engagement correlated with a 0.33-point increase in the facility's …Read More

  5. 60,000 Nurses Exit the Workforce Every Year

    The 2017 AMN Healthcare survey of 3,347 nurses shows that 27% of the nurses who say they are planning to retire intend to do so in less than a year. In 2015, only 16% of nurses reported they planned to retire in less than a year. Approximately 60,000 baby boomer RNs have exited the workforce each year since 2012. The nurse shortage will only get worse. The 2017 survey found that 73% of baby boom…Read More

  6. Women, Walk Your Way to Health

    In a new study of 17,000 women, those who walked briskly for an average of nearly 70 minutes daily had up to a 70% lower risk of death compared to the least active women who moved just 8 minutes a day. The study also found the benefits were significant mainly for women who participated in moderate to vigorous exercise. "Overall, this study's results are consistent with other evidence that repeated…Read More

  7. Happy Employees Save You Money

    Are your employees happy at work? According to a recent Gallup survey, 51% of America’s 100 million full-time employees aren’t engaged at work, meaning they feel no real connection to their jobs and tend to do the bare minimum. Another 16% reported being “actively disengaged,” meaning they resent their jobs and tend to drag down morale as a result. A separate study by Gallup and the Qu…Read More

  8. Sleep Study Alarms for Employers

    Forty-three percent of working Americans don’t receive enough sleep each night, and 76% say that they feel tired at work, reports a survey by the National Safety Council. Sleep is one of the three pillars of living a healthy lifestyle, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Seven or more hours per night is a healthy amount of sleep for people 18 to 60 years old, according to U.S. C…Read More

  9. Nurses in Poorer Health 71% More Likely for Medical Errors

    Years of research has shown that depression among registered nurses is extremely common. In fact, RNs suffer from depression at nearly twice the rate of people in other professions. Now, new research is linking this depression to a significant uptick in medical errors. The study, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, analyzed survey responses of 1,790 U.S. nurses …Read More

  10. Can’t Get to the Gym? Use Your Smartphone

    We are running out of excuses (no pun intended) on why we can’t get exercise. For those who can’t find time to go to the gym, your gym can be virtual. Online workout sessions can be the next best thing to a personal trainer. Here are a few of the best apps out there: iBodyFit: This site, from one of Shape’s “Top 50 Trainers” Franklin Antoian, features more than 400 workout routines that…Read More