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Saving Healthcare Organizations Money.

Saving Nurses’ and Caregivers’ Lives.

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SelfCare for HealthCare™ proven results include:

· 13% increase in nurse retention.

· 16% decrease in sick days.

· 21.5% increase in nurse engagement.

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How SelfCare for HealthCare Started

In 1975, as a young nurse and mom, LeAnn Thieman volunteered to go to Vietnam to escort six babies to their adoptive homes in the United States. Upon arrival, as bombs were exploding outside of Saigon, she heard this message from President Ford authorizing Operation Baby Lift.  Listen to President Ford's audio clip here.

Being accidentally caught up in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift changed LeAnn’s life. Years later, after working 30 years as a nurse at the bedside, she wrote a speech and book titled “Balancing Life in Your War Zones,” with stories and tools to care for ourselves in mind body and spirit to cope in the "war zones" of our daily lives. Then she was invited to author "Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul", which hit the New York Times Best Seller list. LeAnn went on to write two more Chicken Soup books for nurses, one for Caregivers, then 11 more titles for that series. This opened the door to spread her message of self-care and life balance to her fellow nurses and caregivers at conferences, leadership retreats and nurse recruitment events. Then healthcare leaders wanted more… something deeper… more sustainable, and with their help and insights she created SelfCare for HealthCare.

Chicken Soup For The Nurses Soul Stories is exactly how it sounds - A collection of stories from LeAnn Thieman that will warm your soul like a nice bowl of chicken soup. Our goal is to give hope and revitalize souls. This is a great place to start.

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The Problem

• 40% of hospital nurses report feeling burned out.*
• High levels of burnout adversely affect patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.*
• Only 1 in 5 five hospitals currently have supportive environments for nurses.*
• It costs $60,000 to $80,000 to recruit and train a new nurse.*

*(Linda Aiken, PhD, RN Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, U of Penn.)

The Solution

SelfCare for HealthCare is founded on a simple powerful concept—that in order for healthcare givers to nurture the bodies, minds and spirits of their patients, they must first nurture their own. Every day your nurses give their best to heal patients. LeAnn equips you to support and retrain your wonderful employees with strategies that touch every one of them all year long. SelfCare for HealthCare is easy, fun, and effective. It leads to better nurse satisfaction, easier recruitment, and higher retention. That’s what clients say now, as they do the right thing and save money along the way. LEARN MORE >>