Does Your Organization Have a Nurse Retention Strategy?

Preventing nurse burnout isn’t a single-faceted pursuit. To determine the best strategies for your healthcare facility, you’ll have to take a step back from the day-to-day rigmarole, and take a fresh look at the processes, practices, and standards instilled amongst your workforce.

If you’re struggling with nurse retention, you can influence change by promoting gratitude, nurturing a work-life balance amongst your nursing staff, building a thriving colleague culture, and leading by example; we promote all of these influential facets in LeAnn Thieman’s unique SelfCare for HealthCare® program.

nurseimage1Express Gratitude

Nursing is a difficult career. We’re too often overworked, and we work for long inflexible hours. In addition, we have to face illness and death every day. It’s easy to feel blue about our work, and we too often forget that the core purpose of nursing is care. Our nurses provide care for patients. That’s honorable, and it should feel fulfilling and rewarding. When we express gratitude for our caregivers, we acknowledge their impact and the positivity they bring to the world.

Nurture Work-Life Balance

Our personal lives should be a priority over our work lives. Unfortunately, those priorities can flip for caregivers in the field of nursing. Healthcare facilitators need to take strides to ensure that nurses are cared for and treated properly. We need to promote a work-life balance.

For your facility, that may mean hiring a few more caregivers to provide a more flexible schedule. It may mean extended breaks. It may mean longer lunches. It may mean more paid time off. Whatever the solution, nurturing a work-life balance for your nurses ensures that they can care for themselves, as well as others.

Build a Culture

Again, there’s no single, black-and-white way to build a positive culture amongst caregivers, yet, a positive culture is so important for the morale of your group of caretgivers. Building a culture could be as simple as hosting lunches once per week. It could be a monthly party. It might mean starting a book club. Regardless of how you choose to build culture, always be sure to lead by example!

nurse-image2Lead Right

Lead by example! It’s an old adage, but it holds true. If you’re a leader and don’t embody positivity in your work, you’re doing your team a disservice. Bring passion and positivity to your role. Take care of yourself. Practice a work-life balance. Be a part of your team’s culture. Show that you care for your colleagues, and lead by example!

Count on SelfCare for Healthcare For Successful Nurse Retention Strategies!

SelfCare for HealthCare provides a year-long program. LeAnn joins with your staff to deliver inspirational speeches and meet the staff. All participants in the program receive the SelfCare for HealthCare book, an interactive motivational reading. Participants also receive weekly motivational emails from LeAnn.

Participants grow to work with each other and engage in activities together. Since SelfCare for HealthCare is a year-long program, it provides lasting results for your nursing and caregiving staff.

Curious, or ready to get started? Get in touch with LeAnn to learn more!

Strategic Engagement With Leaders

Leadership engagement and support is critical to the mission and success of any program. LeAnn meets with key leaders virtually prior to launch, then on-site to assess your organization’s specific challenges and goals; she tailors her program to meet your needs. Together, a customized plan is developed for the execution and implementation of SelfCare for HealthCare. Quarterly contact with leaders addresses ongoing or changing needs, and assures success.

Customized Email and/or Video Invitations

LeAnn sends invites to all staff to motivate and garner enthusiasm for the initiative prior to the official launch on site.

Launching With Leadership

On the day of the launch, LeAnn meets with leaders prior to her presentations to reinforce the plan and maximize support and success of the initiative.

Powerful Live Presentationsleannspeaking2

LeAnn delivers her riveting SelfCare for HealthCare presentation four times a day for two days, providing all staff members multiple opportunities to attend this mandatory session (CEUs available). By sharing Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul stories and those from her own 30 years of nursing, LeAnn encourages and honors nurses and all members of your healthcare team. With compassion and humor, she introduces her 12 tools for SelfCare. Staff members go back to work recharged, and recommitted to care for their patients and themselves!

Tour of All Units

Together with your Chief Nursing Officer and/or leaders of your choice, LeAnn tours every unit to greet, encourage, and consult staff, boosting enthusiasm, compliance, and morale.


LeAnn will assist in the selection of Champions from each department. Monthly tip sheets offer activities to reinforce engagement and strengthen teamwork to nurture a safe, productive environment. Quarterly virtual consultation meetings connect Champions to provide support and idea sharing.


Personal Study Guides

Staff members receive a personal copy of SelfCare for HealthCare. The 12 lessons provide simple strategies to care for their bodies, minds, and spirits, with sidebars featuring supporting research and exercises. Each chapter concludes with study guide questions to facilitate the reader’s reflections on their SelfCare and instructions to implement specific strategies to create their own “care plan.”

Inspirational Compelling Videos

To begin each month’s lesson, staff members view a 7-10 minute video of LeAnn introducing that chapter’s SelfCare strategy. This fun, motivational speaking session will be viewed on your organization’s intranet service, at each person’s preferred time and place (even at home in their jammies!), reinforcing the work/life balance message.

Monday Morning Motivation

Every Monday morning, staff will find a fun, motivational email from LeAnn, offering wisdom and support for that month’s life-balance strategy, ensuring ongoing enthusiasm and participation. Example Monday Morning Motivation

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