By now you may be tired of hearing me say that we care givers are often so busy taking care of others that we neglect to care for ourselves. As I remind you that caring for yourself should be one of your top priorities, I must ask:

When was your last complete physical exam? (That appointment for bronchitis didn’t count.)

When was your last Pap smear or prostate exam?

When was your last mammogram?

When did you last have a complete blood profile?

If the answer is “more than one year ago,” I urge you to stop reading this email, pick up the phone, and call your healthcare provider. 

When was your last eye exam?

Have you had your hearing tested?

Still reading? Need more encouragement? (okay, nagging?)

We teach our patients the importance of monthly self-breast or testicle exams, but do we practice what we preach? We lecture them to get annual exams, Pap smears and mammograms, but do we? For those of you over 50, have you had your colonoscopy? (Why did I delay five years to schedule that? It was so easy!)

Remember, we are always juggling balls of responsibilities in our lives; we need to determine which are rubber (and replaceable) and which are glass. The glass ones…usually the people we love and our own health… if dropped, are irretrievably broken. Don’t drop them.

Not tomorrow, but today, make that call. 

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