Reform Nurse Work Environments.
Improve Hospital Performance and Patient Satisfaction.
Invest in Your Nurses.

The team at SelfCare for HealthCare is passionate about helping organizations create cultures and work environments that put the needs of caregivers fist. We are proud of each client, nurse, and physician that we have helped train how to focus on themselves, as well as those they are providing care for. Through proven methods and techniques, we are able to help organizations save money and create an environment where employees can work to their full potential.

Maine General Health Testimonial   MaineGeneral Engagement Survey Results

 Inspiring and Life Changing

CNO for PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend: “The feedback that we have heard from our caregivers has been tremendous: … ‘This will change our culture.’”

 Caught our attention the whole time

Senior Nurse Manager Bay Health: “People left really charged up and excited to go forward with what was shared.”

Great results the first year

Northside Hospital in Atlanta: SelfCare for HealthCare “really helps us in assuring that our employees have the tools that they need in caring for themselves.”

Important for leaders

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Associate CNO: SelfCare for HealthCare is important personally and as a leader. “The more balanced and more healthy I can be, I can bring that to the people I serve.”

We owe it to ourselves

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada: “I never knew what it took to heal myself until I heard LeAnn talk to me about what it takes for me to be whole.”

Meets the Pathways Standards

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Clinical Leader: “Staff at our hospital is thrilled to be engaged with this program.”

These nurses need this

Baylor Scott & White All Saints Director of Nursing Education and Research: “LeAnn had no idea–NO IDEA–just how pertinent her information was going to be…everything that was on every slide was like ‘Yes! Yes!’…These nurses need this.”

Revitalize your nurses’ commitment

PennState Health St. Joseph CEO: LeAnn inspired and “gave very practical tips in terms of how to create wellness for the patients that they are entrusted with.”

Keep Your Best Nurses

Medline CNO: “LeAnn touched [my nurses] in a deep way that they are thinking that they can still continue in nursing.”

The Best Event We’ve Ever Had

Medline Breast Cancer Awareness Breakfast at AORN: “It was really wonderful to see people walk away with hope and a revised joy  and energy that you don’t see everyday.”

‘LeAnn knocked it out of the park.’

Hawai’i Pacific Health: “LeAnn gave our nurses tools and information and helped to reinforce to them our message of taking care of yourself.”

‘I’ve never seen so many smiles at one time for an entire week.’

Northside Hospital in Atlanta: “We really wanted to bring something to our nurses that showed our interest in wanting them to be healthy and happy.”

‘I’m really appreciative of LeAnn’

Baylor Healthcare: “She validated for the staff what we’re trying to tell them that we do. Care for them, love them, and want them to take care of themself.”

‘They have been very positive and excited this week.’

Pinnacle Health : “When I read SelfCare for HealthCare, I realized that our Nurses are in need of self care for themselves.”

‘Nursing is the essence of caring’

Norton Healthcare: “This is all about realizing that in order to care for those in the community, we must first take care of ourselves.”

‘Helps us to integrate all the integral pieces’

Medical University of South Carolina: “The reason we brought LeaAnn here is because we believe that the first step in caring for others is caring for self.”

‘The right program for us at the right time’

Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids IA: “From the moment my leadership team heard her speak … we knew it was the right program for us at the right time… We brought LeAnn here and the response is overwhelming.”

‘They feel inspired, they feel renewed’

Centra Health Chief Nursing Officer: “(Our nursing staff) heard a message today that validates that the work that they do truly makes a difference.”

‘The reception from the nurses was outstanding’

New York Presbyterian Hospital: “The reception from the nurses was outstanding. They had asked me to bring her back because she talked about how to care for yourself as a caregiver.”

A transformational program

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Chief Nursing Officer: “Even though the kick-off is said and done, we have employees that are STILL talking about it.”

Important for attendees

Testimonial Bay Health: SelfCare for HealthCare is important because “we constantly give of ourselves and we don’t remember to pause and take time for ourselves.”

A gift for nurses and caregivers

East Morgan County Hospital Chief Nursing Officer: ‘We have a wonderful, wonderful staff who work extremely hard, and we feel like they don’t always take care of themselves as good as they need to, so we felt this would be a gift to them–to be able to learn how to care for themselves so they have a better capacity to care for their patients.’

Reinforcing and improving

PeaceHealth: ‘It was a matter of reinforcing what I was already doing – that it was the right thing to do – and to improve, to have a complete and healthy lifestyle.”

“LeAnn’s Keynote was fabulous”

El Camino Health Chief Nursing Officer: CNO Cheryl Reinking shares how pleased they were to have LeAnn Thieman give their keynote address about resilience and selfcare during Nurses Week. “LeAnn’s keynote was fabulous–lots of laughter, tears, and just excitement to have her here on site.”


‘LeAnn did such a fabulous job connecting with the staff’

Summa Health Akron Chief Nursing Officer: ‘This year has been so hard, and we really had a hard time getting staff to be able to leave their units to hear her presentation, so she was willing to go out connect with staff on the unit and give them some uplifting words.’


Other Success Stories


2020 Northside Hospital Case Study

I have had the privilege of working with Leann for over 15 years…

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“It is with great honor that I provide a reference and testimonial for Leann Thieman. I have had the privilege of working with Leann for over 15 years. I feel that her work is innovative and way ahead of the times. I have also used her SelfCare for Healthcare in my hospital with my nursing staff and experienced amazing results with engagement and nurse satisfaction. Especially in these trying times with the pressure of a global pandemic, healthcare workers are suffering, fatigued and stressed like they have never been before. It is truly a time to pay attention to the salvation and support for these amazing heroes. I feel that in my own experience, Leann‘s programs provided me a way to say, thank you, I care about you and I love you to my staff. We also had Leann come to the hospital to kick off the program which provided such a wonderful personal element. I recommend her programs, her writings and her revolutionary work to all organizations, not just those in healthcare. I would be happy to discuss my experiences if anyone had more thoughts and questions. Leann, thanks so much for your contribution to the health of our heroes!”

Val Gokenbach DM, RN, MBA, RWJF

Dr. Val  Leading Leaders
Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, Professional Speaker

LeAnn Thieman is just what nurses and members of the interprofessional team want …

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“LeAnn Thieman is just what nurses and members of the interprofessional team want from a keynote speaker. Here’s what participants at our Neuroscience Nursing Conference and Nursing Grand Rounds said:
‘How inspirational!’
‘Bravo LeAnn. I was thankful that this was Zoom for my tears…’
‘LeAnn was AWESOME! Keep those nursing related speakers coming’

LeAnn’s presentations are emotional, powerful and timely as members of the healthcare team are caught up in the COVID pandemic. Now more than ever, members of the healthcare team benefited from LeAnn’s selfcare lessons related to balancing physical, mental and spiritual health.

Thank you, LeAnn, for all you do to support wellbeing among members of the healthcare team!!”

Michelle Wagner, MSN, RN, CNRN, Nursing Practice Leader, University of Iowa Health Care

It has been a pleasure having you inspire me…

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“It has been a pleasure having you inspire me for the past two years. I have learned a lot about myself spiritually and physically. My endurance has increased and so has my mental capacity. Thank you for being a part of it. Please continue to inspire others , looking forward to working with your program in the future.”

SelfCare for HealthCare Participant

Your SelfCare for HealthCare lessons…

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“Your SelfCare for HealthCare lessons continue to be a potent force in my life… I can’t thank you enough!”

SelfCare for HealthCare Participant

My family always shares that I give all my sympathy…

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My family always shares that I give all my sympathy away at work and they get “no sympathy” at home. I’m not sure how accurate this statement really is however I believe this may be true of most healthcare workers – we know our days are never mundane or predictable. When the opportunity came to participate in the “SelfCare for HealthCare” experience I had to find a creative way to engage my cardiac rehab staff in this program. We started a book club and meet monthly to discuss each chapter (it just wasn’t feasible for our small group to meet weekly). This has been a fun way for us to be accountable for reading the chapter and the monthly discussions about the topics have led us to learn more about each other both professional and personal. I always knew I had some amazing staff but this program has me appreciating even more what they do every day. Health care professionals have a passion to serve, to help, and to care for others. It’s time we take care of ourselves and embrace this gift.”The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” —William Shakespeare

After completing the initial ‘Personal SelfCare survey’, I realized I was ‘hanging on by a thread.’ I was really interested in what LeAnn had to say to help me take better care of myself. Chapter 5 is my favorite so far… I definitely have benefited by adding ‘positive thinking’ to my day!

Jo, RN 
Penn State Health St. Joseph

SelfCare for HealthCare creates a unique platform…

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“SelfCare for HealthCare creates a unique platform for accountability. I am guilty of taking care of others and sometimes neglecting the care I need. This program incorporated accountability and guidance to address the important self care needs in a fun easy way to learn. The CEU’s are a nice bonus! ”

Charlotte Cramer BSN
PeaceHealth, Springfield, Oregon

I would like to say, I love this program. …

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“I would like to say, I love this program. …  You do not hear this specific message anywhere else.  Having this ongoing program has allowed me the tools to finally start taking care of myself.  As a nurse, by nature, I am compelled to take care of others. This program keeps putting this in my face.  Because I am being told I am important on an ONGOING BASIS through your messages, I am getting to the point where I believe it.  I have finally lost 30 pounds, I make sleep and nutrition a priority, and I consciously think about what is most important for me to thrive, not just survive.  I know I feel better and am more productive.  My employer will benefit from less sick leave, health insurance cost, and suboptimal productivity hospital wide due to this program.”

A Happy, Healthy Nurse
Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Chief Nursing Officer Advisory Council…

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“The Chief Nursing Officer Advisory Council, a council of 40 staff nurses representing the voice of nursing on inpatient units, clinics and procedural areas, identified a need to improve “compassion satisfaction.” We believe that begins with a focus on our relationship with “self.” SelfCare for Healthcare is a comprehensive, year-long program that will nourish and guide staff month by month on ways to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health. As I approach the final stages of my career path, this is my gift to staff – one they can use for a lifetime.”

Marilyn J. Schaffner, Administrator for Clinical Services & Chief Nursing Officer
MUSC Medical Center

I’m staying now. I’d thought of leaving…

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“I’m staying now. I’d thought of leaving, but you brought LeAnn and now I know you care. I’m staying.” This is definitely a testament to what her sessions meant to our employees! During the evening session out of the 75 nurses attending, we received 40 cards asking us to contact them regarding potential positions at the MedicalCenter. Wow!”

Southeast Alabama Medical Center

Our New Graduation Dinner is a key recruitment tool…

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“Our New Graduation Dinner is a key recruitment tool. This is the second event LeAnn had done for us and once again we hired over half of the 58 new grads who attended!”

Franciscan Health System

We had LeAnn for three recruitment events…

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“We had LeAnn for three recruitment events, each tremendously successful! She is motivating, genuine, and her love of nursing validates why we went into nursing. She inspires others to join our profession.”


This recruitment and retention event was by far the best…

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“This recruitment and retention event was by far the best I’ve ever seen in my 13-year career as a Healthcare Recruiter, with 98 in attendance externally, and 105 of our own employees. As a result, we hired 1 Nurse Manager, 1 RN, 2 New Grad RNs, and 6 Nurse Externs. We’ve also had a Director-level applicant. We had her back again!”

Saint Francis Hospital

From our time with LeAnn, nursing has continually…

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“From our time with LeAnn, nursing has continually infused her teaching into their practice, every day. Our nurse leaders expressed how uplifting it is knowing “we” are united to bring work-life balance to their roles. We have embarked on a rapid cycle of testing their creative ideas to assist them in the management of their workloads. All this creativity stemmed from LeAnn’s inspiring presentation and book!”


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