Identified Opportunity:

Northside Hospital (NH) is a network of hospitals and medical facilities in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area. Its specialties include oncology, gynecology, neurology, orthopedic surgery and gastroenterology. At NH, clinical excellence and compassionate, patient-centered care go hand-in-hand. Their broad network of best-in-class facilities is staffed with highly-skilled, caring professionals who provide leading-edge therapies.

NH is recognized as a leader in healthcare, receiving accolades from Modern Healthcare, Becker’s Hospital Review and Glassdoor. Atlanta fosters great competition in recruitment of top healthcare talent, which caused NH to look beyond their in-house recruitment and retention initiatives.

Engaged Solution:

One of NH’s differentiators is their initiative “Customer Service: Experience Our Difference.” NH partnered with SelfCare for HealthCare for a multi-year engagement to teach practical skills that improve selfcare and work-life balance at three hospital locations for 6,000+ caregivers in nursing/nursing support. This engagement reinforced the patient care experience by employees emulating the principles of mind, body and spirit balance. Leadership’s investment in SelfCare for Healthcare demonstrated their authentic investment in patient care and employee well-being. It’s not just about the money… employees want to feel cared for and appreciated.

ROI Results:

Year-1 Survey Highlights

  • 42% increase in the statement, “Leadership cares about my wellness and life balance.”
  • 95% increase in the statement, “I feel supported by management and leadership.”
  • 93% decrease in the statement, “I am thinking of leaving my position in the next year.”

NH renewed SelfCare for HealthCare for Year 2, comprised of new material and building upon the selfcare lessons of Year 1:

“We wanted SelfCare for HealthCare for Year 2 because of the great results achieved with Year 1.  It assures that our employees are caring for themselves, which improves patient care, creating happier patients. Our employees have more energy, less stress and improved work-life balance.” – Janis Dubow, Chief Nursing Officer, NH


Year-2 Survey Highlights

  • 17% increase in the statement, “I am satisfied within my job”
  • 14% decrease in the statement, “I am thinking of leaving my position in the next year.”
  • 38.3% agree, “I am finding Year 2 of SelfCare for HealthCare engaging.”
  • 77% agree, “I utilize the SelfCare for HealthCare tips outside of the organization.”
  • 12% agree, “I see a difference with myself, my team, and/or interdisciplinary teams since the beginning of SelfCare for HealthCare.


Leadership adopted SelfCare for HealthCare’s philosophy to build a framework centered around work-life balance and caregiving for the caregiver in mind, body and spirit that makes NH stand out as a sought-after workplace.