Here are seven strategies you can implement to ensure that high-quality recruits are placing resumes in your hands:

Recognize Competition

Nursing is a competitive profession. Currently, employers seeking caregiver staff are competing with one another to acquire top talent. That means nurses who are seeking work will have the freedom to pick whichever employer they’d like. Thus, employers are forced to compete with other healthcare facilities to earn nurse recruits.

Build in Flexibility

Nurses are too often overworked. They’re required to work long shifts at odd hours. Caregiving is a field that demands constant hard work and concentration, and it can be taxing to work these shifts week after week. Gain the gaze of prospective new hires by providing flexible scheduling, time off, and incentives to compensate for longer shifts.

Improve Amenities

Take a keen look at the work environment you’re presenting to the nursing staff you’d like to recruit. Do you have any amenities that can attract new hires? New nurses might be attracted to a healthcare facility with childcare, self-care programs, a free coffee shop, or a massage therapist to treat staff members. Provide a few of these perks to make employees eager to join your staff.

Offer Education

New nurses seek out positions that offer continuing education. Regardless of whether that’s a scholarship program, on-site seminars, or other resources, providing free access to education and growth resources may be the key to attracting new hires.