What do you want to do, be, and achieve? Contemplate that, make a decision, and set a goal. There are mountains of books on the topic, but here are LeAnn’s 7 steps of Goal Setting:

  • Write the goal on paper. Make it specific, measurable, realistic yet challenging.
  • List the benefits of achieving it. What are the rewards for you, others, your business?
  • Set a completion date.
  • Identify the obstacles or challenges you may face. Which are internal?

Which are external, out of your control?

  • Brainstorm solutions to those challenges. What needs to be done to overcome them? What resources and help will you need?
  • Make an action plan. Write specific steps you will take to accomplish them, and target dates to achieve each of them.
  • Visualize it. (You had to see that coming!) See yourself having achieved it. Cut pictures of it and post them. Create and repeat affirmations of it.

All this needn’t be daunting. You may set a small goal of losing 5 pounds, or a big one of finding a life partner or owning a cabin. See it. Be it. Achieve it. And start planning the celebration!

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