Over half of employers believe their wellness programming is effective for improving health and reducing spending, but only a third of their employees think the same.

According to a new Willis Watson Towers survey, about 65% of employees said that improving their health is a personal priority, while 87% of employers said increasing employee engagement and wellness is also a top priority for their businesses.

Employees that are sick or unhealthy are two times more likely to become disengaged with their work and take three times more days off than healthy members.

“Employers remain committed to their health and well-being programs because they understand the advantages of having a healthy and engaged workforce,” said Shelly Wolff, a senior healthcare consultant at Willis Towers Watson. “However, employers understand that existing approaches have not been effective and so are looking at new directions to change employees’ health behaviors.”

Employers may need to change their wellness programming strategies to align more closely with what their employees really want and need, the survey suggested.

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