Most people are familiar with the concept of tithing, giving a certain percent of their money to a worthy cause. I’ve read hundreds of stories of people who gave their last dollar to the poor, only to receive a fat check in the mail the next day. A common principle of tithing is that you always get back more than you give.

It took me years to realize this also applies to time.  Are there occasions when you think you are too busy to meet a troubled friend for coffee, or do work for a charity, or even take moments to say your daily prayers? I learned that when I invest my time in these things, I end up having more time to do other things.

Once, when I was under an intense writing deadline, a worried friend called and asked if I could meet for lunch. My mind shouted, “No.” My lips said, “Of course.” My heart said, “I trust I’ll find the time I need.”

Our “lunch” lasted most of the afternoon. When I got back to my office there was a message from my publisher…my deadline had been extended.

Try tithing your time. And watch the wonders unfold.


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