Time for Mental Floss

Reality TV shows and professional organizers attest to the amount of clutter we cram into our lives. My basement is living proof that we are accumulators. 

Just like my basement, our minds can become cluttered too. Mind debris gets in the way of our productivity and even our joy. You know it may be time for a brain clearing when your mind feels sluggish, you have stress overload, or you just want to numb out by staring at a TV or video screen.

You can prevent the accumulation of brain garbage by setting up some filters. By screening incoming data, you can stop the insidious trash before it clutters things up. You can filter out gossip, negative political ads, stinkin’-thinkin’ conversations, and too much negative world news. Outmoded ideas, harmful thoughts, and negative feelings can be weeded out too, before they take root.

Periodically, take time to sit quietly and focus within. Identify which thoughts are useful and supportive, and which are negative and a nuisance. Singer Jimmy Buffet recommends “mental floss.”      

Imagine your mind like your home, filled with rooms that have become cluttered. Prepare for spring cleaning. Visualize entering each room with a bucket of scrubbing supplies. Some rooms may hold thoughts and emotions; others memories; still other beliefs, attitudes and opinions. There may be a separate room for relationships. Imagine sorting which of these are good, from those that are no longer good for you. See yourself tossing out the worn and unwanted ones, and happily storing those you wish to keep.  Finally, open the windows to let in fresh air and sunlight. Let this clean, bright feeling refresh you.

Think how great it will be now with your new filters in place! You’ll prevent the mental garbage from accumulating and healthier happier thoughts will fill your mind.

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