As you know by now I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking. I laughed when I read that October has a “Cranky Co-worker Day.”  Yet I know it’s no laughing matter.  My mama used to say, “One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.” That’s what a cranky coworker does, isn’t it? So what do you do about “bad apples” who “spoil” the morale of your workplaces?

One tactic is to confront them, kindly, to address what you perceive as a negative attitude, then ask what they see as the cause. Sometimes there is a stress or pain in their lives that you are unaware of and you can offer help, or at least listen. Other times, people are simply into “stinkin’ thinkin,” for no apparent good reason! And there seems to be nothing you can do to change it. That’s when it’s a challenge to maintain you own positive attitude.  One way to do so is by incorporating positive thinking and visualization, and humor, into your daily life to affect your health and happiness, at home and in the workplace. You can’t change them, but you can change you.

By doing so, you set an example (there’s that role modeling again) and that can create a shift in attitude for the entire workplace. We need to help each other to stay positive. Don’t let “stinkin’ thinkin’” be contagious.

We have the power—yes it is a power—to influence the attitude of our coworkers.

Don’t let a “rotten” attitude “spoil” your workplace. Positive thinking is contagious too. Let’s visualize—and create—a place where there are no “Cranky Co-worker Days.” 🙂

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