Take a Walk. No, Really, Take a Walk

I’m great at making up excuses not to exercise. But it’s hard to make excuses for not walking. It’s free. You can do it anywhere! It’s a great time to share time with your friends and family. (And a great way to get away from those you want to avoid.

Here are 10 ways to walk everyday:

  1. Park at the far end of the parking lot. I know everyone suggests this, but do you do it? Yes, it means leaving home a few minutes earlier…. you can do that too. 
  2. Take the stairs, even for a flight or two, then take the elevator.
  3. Use the restroom on a different floor.
  4. Make your next meeting a walking one. Tell them LeAnn said so.
  5. Walk around the block while you wait for your child (instead of dozing off in the car in the sunshine or checking email on your phone.)
  6. Stroll the length of the mall once before you start shopping. (No buying on this first run.)
  7. If you have a desk job, set a timer to get up and walk around once every hour.
  8. Make it a nightly (or daytime) habit to go for an after-meal walk with the family.
  9. Listen to music when you walk to make the time go faster.
  10. Pick a buddy to walk with you at a scheduled time to make it more fun and to hold each other accountable.

Ten is a lot. Pick 3 you will do. Start today!

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