Couch potatoes, take note: A new study warns older adults that excessive sitting, especially while watching TV, poses a significant health hazard.

Researchers studied the activity patterns of 134,000 adults, aged 50 to 71. Watching more than five hours of TV daily and getting three or fewer hours of physical activity a week more than tripled the risk of disability over eight-plus years. Many older Americans spend 60% to 70% of their 10 to 11 non-sleeping hours a day either seated or reclining. People who spent more than seven hours a week in physical activity, could sit up to six hours a day and have no excess risk for losing mobility.

This applies to people of all ages because most Americans, not just older people, sit about 14 hours a day.

The message is move more, and sit less. Not necessarily working out, but breaking up sitting time. Go for short walks. Climb some stairs. Walk around the house. Walk around the office. If you’re watching TV, get up and walk around during commercials.

No matter your age, get moving.  

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