Shut Off the Light and Go to Sleep!

Lack of sleep has become a signature ailment today. Drowsy people are buying energy drinks and sleeping aides at record numbers! We view sleep as optional, sort of an off-on switch, like the ones on our computers or smart phones, that our bodies flip when we need a break from our overscheduled lives. 

So how did something as simple as sleep become such a problem? Two words. Light bulb. Before electricity, our ancestors followed their bodies’ circadian rhythm and went to sleep when it got dark. But that natural cycle was forever changed when that wise guy Thomas Edison invented not only the light bulb but the phonograph and motion picture. Sunset was no longer the end of social interaction, but the beginning of it. Add to that computers, smart phones and apps, and you have a sleep deprived society.

Lack of sleep has been proven to affect our happiness and our health. So why don’t we put more effort into solving sleep problems? We spend money on vacations, gym memberships, and organic foods, but sleep remains something we can put off. We don’t look at an investment in sleep as an investment in our health, because, after all, it’s just sleep. Can I really be taking an active step to improve my life with my head on a pillow?

SelfCare givers are beginning to wake up about sleep. Ironically, getting a good night’s sleep may take a bit of work. But it’s worth it. Health, mental sharpness, relationships, creativity and even sex depend on getting enough sleep. 

Good night.

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