Just 1/3 of Americans believe they are in good shape, according to a new survey on fitness by ReportLinker, and 42% consider themselves to be too fat.

Despite the obesity epidemic, Americans claim they want to be fit. Three out of four say having a good shape and looking good are important to them. As a result, many turn to exercise to get fit.

Other interesting survey findings include:

  • Among those who exercise, most – especially men – say they prefer to do so outside, rather than in a gym.
  • On average, Americans spend 6.5 hours a week playing sports or working out, but only four in 10 work out between three and five hours per week, which is slightly above the recommendations.
  • Motivation – or lack of it – stands as one of the biggest obstacles to exercising regularly. For almost a third of Americans active in sports, motivation comes from friends or exercise buddies.
  • Setting a goal to improve performance is also motivational. Thirty percent say they’re more likely to work out if they’re aiming to set a personal record. This is especially true for sports like jogging, where 43% say tracking and improving their own performance is motivational. Those who challenge themselves to improve are much more likely to use an app on their smartphones (56%) than those who train with friends (46%).
  • More than half of exercisers say they’ve changed their eating habits after starting a fitness program.

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