Happily, Ever Laughter!

The Emergency Room supervisor rushes to the Emergency Room driveway just as the frantic dad drives up and jumps out screaming, “The baby is coming!” The competent nurse opens the passenger door to see the mom leaning back in the seat, groaning and pushing—with three little boys gawking over her shoulder from the back seat. As the nurse delivers the baby she hears one boy gasp, “Now I know where babies come from!” His little brother responds, “Yeah, from under a car seat!”

This story makes me laugh every time I read it—so I read it often. Laughter releases stress, tension, and endorphins (our body’s feel-good medicine.) Even people around us benefit when we laugh! You’ve heard the statistic that children laugh 400 hundred times a day and adults laugh only 11. We have lots to learn from children (besides where babies come from!) We need to, like them, laugh freely and often—every day.

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