The ultimate in health and happiness is achieving balance. Finding the right mix of mind, body and spirit; home, work and family; friends, relationships and career, can be a challenge. The good news is that while it may seem impossible, it is not!

We have different demands and needs, however, at various times in our lives. In our twenties, energies are often devoted to work, relationships, and sometimes education. In our thirties, we may have daunting responsibilities of young children, marriage, and growing a career. Our forties bring challenges of guiding our children, caring for our parents, nurturing our relationships, and advancing our careers…to plan for retirement! In our 50s and 60s, our children often leave home but that doesn’t mean we aren’t busy. Often we are pulled to do even more with work, volunteering, dealing with our changing bodies, and caring for our children’s children and ailing parents.

We can succeed with all these things if we have balance in our lives. And the best way to achieve that balance and accomplish all of the above is by caring for ourselves and asking for help.

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