As we ask for what we need to put our lives better in balance, it’s good to remember to be thankful for what we have. Even people in the most dire circumstances can write items on their Things I Am Thankful For list.

Gratitude in itself is a powerful life balance tool. It makes us healthier. Really. Research shows that grateful people, those who appreciate what they have, take better care of themselves and engage in more protective health behaviors like regular exercise, healthy diets, and regular checkups. Scientists proved that feelings of thankfulness have a tremendous positive value in helping people cope with daily stress. And as we’ve already learned, stress can make us sick.

Grateful people tend to be more optimistic which boosts the immune system. Thankful people are healthier people.

Much of gratitude is tied to a person’s perspective for looking at the world and themselves. Can you guess who has the highest level of life satisfaction? The middle class, especially those who have risen from poverty. They are appreciative. Interestingly, multimillionaires from the Forbes 500 list weren’t happier than the average suburbanite!

Make a Things I Am Thankful For list and ask yourself, “Do I take these things for granted?”

Be thankful. Be healthy.

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