Papers to push. Pills to push. Patients to push…all in a healthcare giver’s stressful day.

You can’t control every stressor in your work environment, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless. Your emotions are contagious, and stress affects how you interact with others. The better you are at managing your own stress, the more you’ll positively affect those around you, and the less other people’s stress will bother you. To manage workplace stress focus on the one thing that’s always within your control: you.

These 5 tips are easy, effective, and even fun!

1) Come to work healthy: Eat right. We know this, but don’t always do it well. Consume the quantity and quality of food your body needs. Exercise 15 minutes a day, every day. Sleep 7-8 hours a night (yes, you can if they turn off technology!)

2) Breathe! During stressful times and periodically throughout the day, breathe in slowly through your nose to the count of four, then out through your mouth to the count of four. Do this 3-4 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a day to feel good.

3) Think Positive Your life moves in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. Ignore the grumblers and complainers. Develop a positive attitude at work.

4) Laugh. Volumes are written today on the therapeutic benefits of laughter. It’s rhythmic and a great endorphin releaser too. Laughter is good medicine…it’s free, with no side effects.

5) Say a prayer or meditate. Yes, even at work you can take a moment in the break room or bathroom (often the same thing!) to deep breathe, relax a minute and say a prayer or meditation phrase. Turn your worries over to a Higher Power.

It’s hard to stay upbeat in a stressful work environment when we are depleted physically, mentally and spiritually. Now, go giggle, breathe, pray, eat and believe you can!

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