Even though most American parents believe good nutrition is important for their children, only one-third think they’re doing a good job teaching their kids healthy eating habits.

A poll of more than 1,700 parents with children aged 4 to 18 discovered that half of the respondents believe their children eat a mostly healthful diet, but only one in six rate their children’s diets as very nutritious.

A quarter of the parents said their child’s diet is somewhat healthy or not healthy. Twenty percent don’t believe it’s important to limit fast food or other junk food, and 16 percent believe it is only somewhat important or not important to limit sugary drinks.

Most parents understand they should provide healthy food for their children, but work schedules, children’s activities and different food preferences can hinder meal preparation. Convenience, price and fussiness over foods are obstacles in getting kids to eat better, according to many parents.

Convenience foods tend to be high in sugar, fat and calories and overconsumption of fast food can cause childhood obesity and other health problems.

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