If your head starts to nod mid-afternoon and you could really use a nap or a candy bar, you’re not alone. The afternoon slump is real; it’s your body’s response to a drop in your blood-sugar as well as its natural circadian rhythm. In fact, one of our strongest urges to sleep comes between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Taking the afternoon off isn’t usually an option, but some companies have found stuff to ward off taking that snooze.


Employees at the mortgage lender United Shore look forward to 10-minute dance parties held every Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. The idea began as a small gathering of five or six people and became so popular that the company installed a dance floor on the second floor to accommodate a crowd of more than 100. These dance parties give them a break and reenergizes them, and boosts morale.


The New York office of J Public Relations has the entire team hit the floor for a one-minute plank at 4:00 in the afternoon. Not only does it get blood flowing, it brings them all together for a quick group activity. Stretching the body makes the team more creative, and helps the brainstorming process become more flexible.


Employees at the real estate software firm BoomTown are encouraged to get away from their desks and get outside for some fresh air. The company has a patio with tables and umbrellas where staff members can take their laptops and work. They’re also encouraged to take one of the office dogs to the nearby dog park. Inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s walking meetings held at Facebook, some companies have walking meetings.


Employees of headset retailer Headsets.com go to the conference room most afternoons to do power poses, which involves expanding the body by spreading out your arms or legs or leaning back in a chair and putting up your feet to feel a mental state of interpersonal power.

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