Being in parks, gardens, near water or in wildernesses actually makes you happier and healthier! Those surroundings lower pulse rates and increase positive feelings. One study showed that people who walked through a forest had lower blood pressures, pulse rates and stress-hormone levels than those who toured a city.

Here are some tips for bringing nature into your workplace:

  • Encourage “walking meetings” outside or create meeting and sitting places.
  • Sit outside or in naturally lit areas on breaks or during lunch.
  • Create an indoor garden in an atrium or, if space is at a premium, a vertical “green wall.”
  • Light rooms with sunlight. Open blinds and windows if possible to let in outside air and natural sounds.
  • Display nature photography or artwork.
  • Play nature videos or nature slides on your television or display screens.
  • Place plants around the workspace

Bring a little nature into your workspace and reap the rewards.

To learn more about creating healthier, happier work spaces, visit SelfCare for HealthCare.