A stressed-out forty-year-old engineer recently admitted, “I really wanted to be a nurse!” He had chosen his educational path in high school and now felt “stuck” with it for rest of his life. Then he realized, “Who would ask an eighteen-year-old for career advice?!” Thoughtfully, courageously, he decided to change professions.

Making decisions about our careers, our families and our lives is not always easy. You will make good professional and personal decisions if you avoid these 10 Biggest Mistakes in Decision Making:

#1: Not taking time. Occasionally we make decisions in haste, under pressure when the stress hormones are surging. Take your time.

#2: Lacking peace. Good decisions are made in tranquility. Breathe deeply. Find solitude. Drink in the peacefulness.

#3: Clamoring in chaos. To hear your deep inner voice, your Divine guidance, escape the commotion. Listen to you built-in guide.  Be still. Hear. Follow.

#4: Disregarding priorities. Sometimes we make decisions that undermine our priorities. Make choices that honor and support what you have promised to be most important.

#5:  Failing to heed what’s best for you. Occasionally we decide things with too little consideration of our needs and wants. You can usually be a caring team and family member without shortchanging yourself.

#6: Neglecting your values. Don’t make decisions that are not in alignment with your principles. Be consistent with what you believe in.

#7: Ignoring what’s right. Often things are more black and white than we want to admit. Even in the grey, when you listen to your deep inner voice, you hear and know what is right.

# 8: Avoiding the truth. Pledge that every word you speak is true. Every word.

Honesty is always the best policy.

#9:  Forgetting to say, “No.” To make good decisions, there are times we need to just say, “No.” Remember when to state “I’m sorry I can’t, I have another commitment.”

#10: Procrastinating. When making a decision is difficult, we tend to postpone it…and postpone it. But remember, not to decide, is to decide. No decision is a decision.

Bear in mind that where you are today is based on decisions you made in the past. You will be tomorrow is based on decisions you make today. Make then good ones.

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