1. How to Achieve Happiness in Nursing

    We MUST improve and achieve happiness in nursing! Happiness is a choice and is the result of the decisions we make. Being healthy in mind, body and spirit helps make sound choices, leading to improved happiness. If you are struggling with creating happiness in your personal and professional life, vi…Read More

  2. Improving Your Healthcare Environment

    Millions of Americans spend nearly half of their waking hours in the workplace. And that’s especially true in the healthcare field, where work hours can extend well beyond the 40-hour workweek. So, it’s spectacularly important to support our nurses by improving the work environment. Right now, n…Read More

  3. Can Physical Activity Reduce Cancer?

    Physical activity can reduce breast cancer mortality by about 40 percent, according to researchers Julia Hamer, HBSc, and Ellen Warner, MD, HBSc, division of medical oncology and hematology, Odette Cancer Center, Toronto. They defined physical activity as either a half hour of moderate-intensity…Read More