Reduce staff burnout!
40% of hospital nurses score high in burnout. High levels of burnout adversely affect patient outcomes and patient satisfaction 
(Aiken, Univ. of Penn)

Boost morale!
36% of nurses are dissatisfied with their jobs. 1% change in employee satisfaction = 1% change in patient satisfaction.

Increase Retention!
20% of nurses intend to leave their hospital jobs within 1 year. It costs $60,000 to $80,000 to recruit and train a new nurse.
(Aiken, Univ. of Penn)

Decrease sick days!
For every $1 invested in wellness programs, $3 is saved through decreased sick days.
(National Business Group on Health, Washington, D.C.)

Raise Patient Satisfaction Scores!
Patients cared for by nurses in healthy work environments are twice as likely to report high satisfaction.
(Aiken, Univ. of Penn)

Increase Reimbursements!
Patient recommendation of a hospital decreased 2% for every 10% of nurses reporting job dissatisfaction
(Aiken, Univ. of Penn)

More Benefits

  • Renew, recharge, and recommit staff to care for patients and themselves!
  • Increase engagement
  • Boost morale
  • Address specific challenges
  • Nurture and honor nurse leaders
  • Increase loyalty
  • Strengthen employee health
  • Reinforce engagement
  • Deepen teamwork and unit cohesiveness
  • Nurture a safe productivity environment
  • Advance employee health, resulting in:
  • Decrease sick days
  • Decrease errors
  • Increase quality of care
  • Reinforce work/life balance
  • Uplift and honor staff
  • Boost retention
  • Enhance your reputation, be a hospital of choice
  • Improve patient outcomes for Joint Commission and HCAHPS scores
  • Increase patient satisfaction and reimbursements

A caregiver of strong mind, body and spirit delivers better patient care, resulting in better patient outcomes, higher satisfaction, and increased reimbursements!