Nursing Motivational Speakers to Empower Self Care For Nurses

Our motivation drives our success. And yes, staying motivated and successful in the high-stress, highly demanding field of nursing can be difficult. However, there’s so much hope in the field of caregiving. Here at SelfCare for HealthCare®, we seek to nurture that hope and empower nurses to bring passion and engagement to their caregiving. That’s why we provide programs that address nurse burnout and improve nurse recruitment and retention, and that’s why we provide nursing motivational speakers for physicians and other caregivers.

LeAnn Thieman, a nurse and the founder of SelfCare for HealthCare, seeks to inspire nurses and others in the healthcare industry to care for patients, care for their colleagues, and as importantly, care for themselves. Let’s learn a bit about LeAnn Thieman, her motivational speaking, and the message behind SelfCare for HealthCare.

motivational-image2A Bit About LeAnn

LeAnn inspires real change by speaking to and meeting with caregivers around the globe. She brings over three decades of nursing experience to the table, which means over 30 years of inspirational stories and three decades of triumph in the face of tribulation. LeAnn’s story surrounds an epicenter in her nursing career: The historical Vietnam Orphan Airlift. In the final days of the Vietnam War, President Gerald Ford issued a unique order to airlift 2,000 Vietnamese orphans from the war-stricken zone of Vietnam to the United States, where they would receive care. LeAnn partook in the operation, coined “Operation Baby Lift,” where she rescued and cared for six babies. Operation Baby Lift inspired a lifetime of passion for caregiving, and it’s this very passion that drives LeAnn to motivate nurses, physicians, and others in the healthcare field.

After the Vietnam Orphan Airlift, LeAnn dedicated her efforts to bedside care. Then, LeAnn began sharing her story. First, LeAnn’s unique experience was first featured in Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul, then it was on to titles including the New York Times bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul, Second Dose, then the third edition, Inspiration for Nurses, and more.
Now, LeAnn dedicates her time to SelfCare for HealthCare. Through motivational speeches for nurses, programs, and group meet-and-greets, LeAnn pursues her passion to inspire others. SelfCare for HealthCare was pioneered to address issues in the nursing field, including retention, recruitment, and engagement problems. LeAnn focuses on the health and happiness of caregivers, as well as their patients. In this way, LeAnn promotes both self care and healthcare, thus the name SelfCare for HealthCare!


A Bit About SelfCare for HealthCare

It’s ironic, but unfortunately true: Caregivers often neglect to care for themselves. With long, demanding hours, and constant education and change, it can be all too difficult to stay mindful of a healthy work-life balance. Nurses often lose sleep, they neglect exercise, and they don’t nourish their bodies and minds. Beyond that, caregivers must also overcome the inherent negativity that surrounds illness and death.

In our SelfCare for HealthCare program and LeAnn’s motivational speeches, we address selfcare and its importance in the nursing field. In addition, we embrace the positivity that surrounds the healthcare field. After all, we’re improving lives and quality of life. Caregiving matters. And it’s one of the most philanthropic, selfless pursuits. It’s important, and when we bring passion to that pursuit, we make a real difference in the world. That’s a message we stand behind, and it’s at the core of SelfCare for HealthCare and LeAnn’s lifelong pursuit.

SelfCare for HealthCare Motivational Speaking

Through LeAnn’s stories and inspirational words, we strive to improve the nursing field. With 63 percent of nurses reporting that they’re burnt out, consequentially unsatisfied patients, few supportive environments for nurses, and the high cost of recruiting or replacing nurses*, it’s time for the healthcare industry to change. Let’s shift to a more encouraging culture. Let’s build better facilities. Let’s provide more benefits and amenities. Let’s nurture our nurses, so that they may nurture others.

Reinvigorate your colleagues with SelfCare for HealthCare, and LeAnn’s motivational speaking. Let’s talk!