LeAnn Thieman loves nothing more than blessing caregivers with her powerful presentations that nurture participants with Chicken Soul for the Soul and provide them with actionable steps to decrease burnout, improve joy and remind them why they entered the caregiving profession.

Now you can gift your staff with LeAnn virtually and continue to care for your caregivers even if LeAnn can’t be there in-person! Please view the options below for her virtual presentation and CONTACT US TODAY to discuss your needs!

Virtual Presentations

Pre-Recorded (non-customized) – $3,250

Pre-Recorded with Live Introduction and Q&A with LeAnn – $3,700

Live and Customized (includes pre-call with LeAnn, technology managed by client) – $5,750

Customized and Studio Recorded (includes pre-call with LeAnn, technology managed by SelfCare for HealthCare) – $6,150

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